Tuesday, June 08, 2021

MORE Government Lying About 1/6 Protest

The Government lied, lied, and lied again; prosecutors cannot prove "insurrection," and cannot even prove that their targets (mostly Oath Keepers) directly harmed the building/contents.....

And then they put the cherry on top of the cake by claiming $30 MILLION in damages."

Well, except for their criminal-case filings:

...But like so many other accepted truths related to the events in the capital on January 6, the “$30 million in damages” line is untrue. 

During a plea hearing on June 2 for Paul Hodgkins, a Capitol defendant charged with various trespassing counts and obstruction of an official proceeding, a felony for which he pleaded guilty, the government said damages at the Capitol totaled around $1.5 million....


Never Mind. 

Summarily (so far):

...Much of what the public has been told to believe about January 6 slowly is being exposed as a series of falsehoods. It wasn’t an armed insurrection; five people did not die as a result of the protest; Brian Sicknick was not killed by Trump supporters; and it was not even close to being the “worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War,” as Joe Biden insists. The protest was not orchestrated or executed by white supremacists or “domestic violent extremists,” as the director of national intelligence warns....

Building credibility, lie by lie.  That's the DeepState Way.

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