Saturday, June 05, 2021

Hugh Hewitt: Simpleton or Stooge?

Bannon and Kassam show us what Hugh Hewitt really is:  a simpleton, or maybe a stooge.

In the conversation at the linked podcast, Hewitt's fluffer-interview with Dr. Collins of NIH is replayed.  Collins is clearly a condescending asshole.  Worse than that, however, is Hewitt simply letting this jackwad give facile and remarkably dumb answers.

In short, Collins, an allegedly bright man, thinks of the Chinese Communists as 'comrades' and 'science-lovers.'

Like I said: allegedly bright. 

Hewitt has long been a Bush Boy who likes to flash his "religion card" at the opening of his program to gain conservative cred.  Check out the podcast and you'll come away understanding that he's either a simpleton or a stooge.

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