Monday, June 07, 2021

Fauci's "Humanitarian" Research. Really?

The RadioMouth (who loves him some self) noted and approvingly quoted FrankenFauci-stein saying that 'gain-of-function research is done so that we can know the possibilities and prevent deadly pandemics.'  At the same time, RadioMouth and FrankenFauci-stein admit that such research is 'dangerous.'

It certainly is, as events have shown.

So IF the stuff is 'dangerous' why do we believe FrankenFauci-stein's line which amounts to 'we did humanitarian research' when such research was being performed by an enemy State?  A State granted millions of dollars by none other than FrankenFauci-stein specifically to do "dangerous research".

Reality tends to discredit RadioMouth and FrankenFauci-stein.  Here's a snip from today's AOSHQ lead essay which asks the CORRECT question:

...Given all of that, the big question is was this virus accidentally released or was it released on purpose? And if the latter, why? By the fall of 2019 when news of a pandemic in China started making the news, President-in-Exile Trump despite all the slings and arrows of obstruction and sabotage thrown at him had achieved the greatest economic boom in American history, had put a serious dent in the Chi-Com economy vis a vis ending suicidal trade and tariff regimes and was effectively confronting them on their imperialist designs on the South China Seas and elsewhere. Meanwhile, Hong Kong and other provinces less well-covered in the media were seriously defying Peking, and the Chinese economy itself had serious problems. Meanwhile the Democrat Party, the PRC's political soul-mates, was parading around an anti-American freak show of 20 candidates vying to see who would draw the short straw to get his/her/xer ass kicked in a landslide by Trump, who looked unstoppable especially after the New Year's present of taking out Iran's #1 terrorist mastermind. And then, as if by magic...

In purely biological terms, the virus itself is marginally more deadly than common flu especially in people most vulnerable to viral infections of the lungs. But, there were and are numerous therapeutic treatments available to alleviate symptoms obviating the need for a vaccine. Yet it was the fear of this that was weaponized by the Left, here and abroad, to grind to a halt the great reversal that Globalism had suffered because of Trump and those who believe in national sovereignty and independence elsewhere.

Cui bono?...

 RadioMouth is not on the right track.  It's not a question of the purpose of the research, even if you grant Fauci's shaky excuse.  It's a question of WHO LET THE DOGS OUT which should occupy his mind.

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