Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Why a New Voting System??

Cute story here about the town of Fulton's primary day.

In brief, Microsoft is in search of more revenue dollars, so they're invading the voting business.

Oh, goodie.

...The process appeared seamless. After checking in, voters received a key card to insert into a tablet. 

They then selected candidates on a touch screen. They printed the ballot and placed it in the ballot box.

They received a second printed piece of paper that provided a tracking code that they could use later to verify that their vote was counted, by logging into a Microsoft website.  

The verification system does not allow the voter, or anyone else for that matter, to see who they voted for....
"Seamless" is supposed to make you feel really good about this.

Looks sorta complicated, yes?

Yup.  And this test featured a printer that actually worked!!

"Harry" has it right:

...Harry, a tad older at 73, wasn't impressed by the new voting technology.

"I thought it's too many steps," he said. "Why not mark the ballot and put it in the box? If this was a presidential election, we'd be waiting in a line out the door to vote."...
Nobody gives a s*** about your convenience, Harry.  Bill Gates needs the damn money, and elections clerks don't like working overtime to count ballots.  So STFU, Harry.

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