Saturday, February 08, 2020

Bishop Rip Van Tobin Awakens!!

Apparently this poor fellow has been asleep since about 1975 or so.

So when Bp. Rip vanTobin of Rhode Island woke up and read the newspaper, he had a question.

..."As the presidential primary shifts to New England, it's sad to note that all of the major Democratic candidates are pro-abortion, supporting even partial-birth abortion," said Bishop Tobin in a Feb. 4 tweet.

"Where are pro-life Democrats supposed to turn?" he said.  "Or are pro-life voters not welcome in the Democratic party?"...'s a good place to start answering your own question.  Read it and weep.

And welcome to the Republican Party!!


P. O'Brien said...

I puzzle at the bishop's line "Where are the pro-life Democrats supposed to turn?" As you suggest, this bishop has missed a little bit of recent history. A better question for him to ask is "Why are there any pro-lifers naïve enough to think there is a place for them in the Democratic Party?" A pro-life Democrat makes as much sense as a pro-Jew Nazi.

Fr. VF said...

This is not the first time Tobin has come out of a coma and pontificated. He announced he was leaving the Democrat party in 2012 because they booed God at their convention. He said it made him realize they have a problem with God.

Fr. VF said...

Here's the real problem: Bishop Tobin buys the line that there are "pro-life Democrats." Nonsense. No one in a party that has called for unlimited abortion since 1972 is pro-life.