Sunday, February 23, 2020

Mayor Choo-Choo's City to Bail Out Mayor Choo-Choo's City

This is cute.

First, Mayor Choo-Choo's city takes out a $15++Million loan to purchase the old A O Smith site.  That loan has grown to $24++million including interest-to-date.

Now, because .......because.......Mayor Choo-Choo's city has to bail out that loan with $13++ Million of fresh money.  The City will snatch the money from other City TIF districts.

We haven't been told how those other TIF districts will pay for themselves yet, but you can rest assured that Tokin'Tony's phone is damn busy with nuisance calls from Choo-Choo and his pals.

Meanwhile, the Choo-Choo keeps rolling along, so long as no City snowplows rip up the tracks and derail it.

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