Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The (D) Platform

No matter which of those monkeys gets the nomination, the platform is the same.  Thanks to Don Surber, we have a concise list.

Democrats are united as never before. The debates and the recent assemblages of legislatures in New York state and Virginia have made that clear.
They stand for:

Open borders
Gun confiscation
Welshing on student loans
Wealth confiscation
Ending bail
Pooping in the streets
Banning automobiles
Banning plastic

All of which appeal to only two groups of people:  those living in California, Oregon, and Washington, and those living in New York, Massachusetts, and D.C./Maryland/Virginia--at least according to their voting records.

Is there any objection to expelling those States (and DC) from the Union?

None?  Then all are in favor!!!

Let's proceed!!

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