Thursday, February 13, 2020

"Justice" Dep't Toilet Needs a Really Big Flush

It's becoming clear that the Department of "Justice" is a toilet which is clogged with feces-with-law-degrees.

Time for a really, really, big flush.

In recent weeks, the Justice Department’s approach to Flynn has created a debate between career prosecutors who want him to serve prison time and top political officials at the Justice Department, who advocated for probation only. Attorney General William Barr was angry, for instance, when prosecutors asked the judge in January to consider prison for Flynn, because Barr had thought his underlings wouldn’t advocate for that--CNN quoted at Gateway
Pretty much the same issue which arose with Stone (I repeat:  I don't like Stone at all.)

Nuking the DC, NoVa, and SDNY "Justice" offices would be a good start--but only a start.  There are plenty of other shits scattered around the "Justice" toilet.  Blow them all off and start over if necessary.

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