Tuesday, February 25, 2020

KM Principal Costs KM District About $50,000.00

There are those who have lots of college degrees but remain stupid.  Such is the case with Beth Kaminski of KM High.

...A pair of sophomores at Kettle Moraine High School sued their principal in federal court a day after she told them they had to cover the T-shirts they wore to school because the shirts depicted guns.

Their lawsuit, filed in federal court last week, contends the First Amendment protects their right to show support for the Second Amendment and asks a judge to order the school not to prevent them from wearing the shirts....

... Principal Beth Kaminski, the only named defendant in the suit, told each student the shirts violated the school's dress code and they must keep them covered with their jackets....
The school's handbook does not have any language supporting Kaminski's assertion.

When the school loses--and it will--the District will be forced to pay the plaintiffs' legal fees, in addition to its own lawyers.  The total will be right around $50K.

Smooth move, Beth!

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