Saturday, February 22, 2020

The Holy FEEBS and DOJ

Schlichter's columns are always a rollicking good time.  In this one, he makes very clear his opinion of the FEEBS and the Department of Injustice.

And just for fun, he mentions a few Golden Oldies.

Who was the guy who went to jail for scores of wrongful convictions thanks to the FBI crime lab scandal?

Who is the guy who went to jail for lying about leaking stuff to hurt the Trump administration?

Who is the guy (or Chardonnay-swilling, cankle-having gal) who went to jail for using classified materials for his/her own personal agendas?


There's a great deal to despise in the Department of "Justice" (and the Fed "judiciary-clownshow" too.)

Think they'll resign before the SHTF??

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