Saturday, February 22, 2020

Quaerida Questions and Answers

It didn't take very long for people to see the usual Francis plot in his Amazon paper.

First off, ignore everything in the document Francis "presented"--because it's irrelevant.  Focus instead on the first couple of grafs, which affirm the document invented by "the Synod."

When you have that part right, all else falls into place, as Tim Gordon sketches.

...Like Querida, Amoris represented: a) long awaited progressive disciplinary change b) culminating in the the synodal process, c) which was supposed to be — but was not — well defined in and circumscribed by a post-synodal exhortation d) but can be comprehended instead only in the hermeneutics of papal action subsequent to those synods. In other words, Pope Francis repeatedly returns to this trusted synodal playbook: the revolutionary should be crystal-clear about his aims for years before the synod; language should be suggestive yet opaque in the pursuant magisterial document; clarity should be restored in the subsequent pontifical instructions for worldwide action and implementation. In a word, this three-part play is the heart of “weaponized ambiguity,” to borrow the phrase of Monsignor Charles Pope....
We are not yet at the 'clarification/subsequent (malicious) instruction stage on the Amazon issue.  But it will come.

By the waters of Babylon we wept............

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