Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Evers Covering for Child "Protective" Services?

Tokin'Tony, a bureaucrat of the first water, is covering for his Child Protective Services gang, while claiming that it's a matter of "privacy."  There's a lot to this story.

Gov. Tony Evers is standing by his child services officials who warned a reporter he could face jail time if he reported information from a confidential child abuse investigation. 

Evers said Tuesday the Department of Children and Families acted appropriately by sending an NBC News reporter a cease and desist letter threatening legal action, a move that media law experts say is likely unconstitutional. 

“I believe it’s appropriate that DCF protects the kid in this case. Somebody’s got to stick up for that young kid who was deemed to be abused," Evers told reporters Tuesday. "Somebody’s got to stand up for the kid, and we did and I support that."...
We referenced this case a while back.  Briefly:  an infant was taken to Children's Hospital for examination--a possible collarbone fracture.  There was no fracture, but there were marks on her body which were interpreted as signs of child abuse.

NBC's story mentioned seventeen child-abuse experts who simply do NOT believe that this is a child-abuse case, period.  That's the story that Child Protective Services (Tony's boyzzzzz) want buried.

I have a friend who is also an expert in child abuse (and I'm not saying more about his experience here for obvious reasons.)  At my suggestion, he reviewed ALL the news stories about the case.  His conclusion?  He does not believe that the infant was abused (although, like anyone with common sense, he allows for the slim possibility.)

Stay tuned.   

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