Thursday, February 06, 2020

The Flim-Flam Man: Your Newspaper "Reporter"

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's "in-depth" reporting (only $3.00/month and worth, at most, half that!!!) is......ummmnnnhhh.......Hicksville compared to the sophisticated lying of the NYTimes.

But they keep trying.

As he runs for Congress, state Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald wants to have it both ways on criminal justice. ...

Following that, Marley typed up the message he got from a (D) lobbyist, G. Goyke.  You wanna know what Goyke said?  Read it yourself.

Here's where he quotes someone who tells the truth (!!)

..."Trying to give law enforcement the tools they need to deal with those that continually break the law is not necessarily in contrast with dealing with those who have been incarcerated in the past and are trying to move on," Fitzgerald told reporters. "So, no, I don't see those two things in conflict at all."...
Big diff.  If you're doing Club Fed time for a minor violation, you COULD get early release.  OTOH, if you're a serial criminal offender, Fitzie wants you to be put in the State Slammer.

Not likely that Gary Goyke--a millionaire--will meet, take in, or employ one of those Fed criminals by the way.......he doesn't live in that sort of neighborhood.

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Anonymous said...

The MJS print edition is $35 a month, $420 a year, all for a fraction of the online news. This is also a disproportionate burden on the elderly and computer challenged.