Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Screwing Bernie, Again

Looks like Bernie's going to be resting after the (D) Convention.

Under the complicated caucus system, there are multiple stages of voting. First, there is a vote to determine initial support. After that point, only candidates with 15% of the vote are considered viable. However, those voters who did not initially choose a viable candidate can migrate to another candidate. After the final numbers are counted, they are translated to delegate equivalents, which help determine how many supporters each campaign gets to send to state, and ultimately, national conventions.

After the initial vote at the First Presbyterian Church, just Sanders, with 32 votes, and Pete Buttigieg, with 15 votes, met the viability threshold of 13.

But then, in the second vote, Biden's support started to grow to as high as 16. Because he had votes to spare, his representatives siphoned them off to Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar. As a result, all three just met the viability threshold.

After the shift, Sanders ended up with 37% support in the room, Buttigieg had 17%, and the three other campaigns each had just cleared 15%.

Since there were only five delegates to be awarded in this caucus location, and under rules no viable candidate can lose their single delegate if they only have one, each of the five campaigns ended up with one delegate apiece. This even though Sanders won by 20 points.
--quoted at Vox
.......and Biden will be the next sacrifice.  That's why Bloomie and Kerry are doing what they're doing.

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