Saturday, February 22, 2020

State Department Imports Coronovirus to USA

You can count on the State Department, eh?

President Donald Trump is reportedly furious after underlings at the State Department decided to fly 14 Diamond Princess passengers who tested positive for coronavirus back to the U.S. without telling him, and against his wishes.

Trump had been told last Saturday that only evacuees who didn't have symptoms or positive test results would be allowed on State Department charter planes back to the US from Japan, according to the Washington Post.

Officials on the ground realized late in the evacuation process, on the airport tarmac in Tokyo, that 14 of the roughly 350 evacuees had tested positive for the virus. 

State Department underlings made the quick decision to allow the infected citizens onto the flights, but separated from the other passengers within portable bio-containment units that were already on the planes, in case passengers showed symptoms during the flight....
Smooth move, State!

Expect your next posting to be in Siberia.  You'll have to build your own residence, of course.

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