Thursday, February 13, 2020

Bloomberg: The Dems' Little Hitler

No matter how much he spends, MiniMike is not a Democrat-kinda-guy.  Larison mentions a few of his "NO RIGHTS FOR YOU!!" moments.

There's this little matter:

...His attempts to “apologize” for the stop-and-frisk policy in New York would be more meaningful if he weren’t lying through his teeth about his support for it. According to Bloomberg, this was a policy that he merely inherited before getting rid of it, but the truth is that he escalated it and was forced to stop it because of a court order...
"Constitutional rights" and all that.

We're not done.

...Alex Pareene recounts how Bloomberg had hundreds of protesters arrested ahead of the Republican National Convention simply to keep them off the streets...
So another court finds MiniMike's 'preventive arrests' plan illegal:

...A judge held the city in contempt of court for failing to abide by a state policy that gives people in jail the right see a judge or be released within 24 hours....

And there's his famous "That soda is TOO BIG for you to drink" decree.  Also un-Constitutional.

Worst is MiniMike's blind-rage hatred of guns and their owners.  He has funded every single anti-Second Amendment group, ad campaign, demonstration, and 'movement' that exists in this country.

Can't blame him, of course, as the Second was written precisely to arm citizens against totalitarian Little MiniMike.

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