Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Fox6 News' Hair ON FIRE

Somebody in the "news"room at Fox6 is really, really, scratching for news.

So they have a Hair ON FIRE!! moment over some 3rd-class mailing which bills itself as a "Congressional District Census."  The bold type third line says "Commissioned by the Republican Party", so it's sure to be confused with "Census Bureau."  See, there's a "u" and a "b" and a couple of "e's" in common.

And they tell you--you dummies--that it is NOT from the Census Bureau.  They tell you that because you are really, really, really stupid and probably deplorable too.

(Sure enough, Lena Taylor has her sour little puss in there.  Hmmmm.  S'pose ol' Lena has a friend at Fox6?)

Pray for a blizzard so these twerps can have some actual news to report.

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