Thursday, February 13, 2020

"Crisis" Misses the Crisis

We've been reading Crisis' on-line essays (2 a day!) for several years.  Generally, they're on target.  Now and then, they miss the 10-ring--and in fact, they miss the 5-ring, too.

In an essay which nears Pollyanna level, Michael W Davis praises Pope Francis and has a criticism of Prof. Mahoney.  This essay is one of those which misses the 5-ring with the bullet going off to the left someplace, I guess.

...just last week, National Review’s March edition appeared on the NR website. Its cover is adorned with a cartoon of a dour-looking Francis; the lead article, “Wayward Shepherd,” was written by Assumption College professor Daniel Mahoney. After describing the Pope’s worldview as “a modish and unthinking progressivism,” Professor Mahoney goes on to say: “Let us hope that Pope Francis comes to see the need to uphold authentic continuity in the Church—fidelity to her old wisdom—and not a frenzied chasing after change for change’s sake. This is a hope that is fully in accord with the filial respect that faithful Catholics owe the Holy Father.”...
Mr. Davis does not think Prof. Mahoney will praise Pp. Francis about his exhortation on the Amazon.  Whether or not Prof. Mahoney is moved to respond, some things need be said.

For openers, Mr. Davis,  Francis I has IGNORED a very serious Dubia issued by four sober Cardinals of the Church for one thousand two hundred forty-two days as of this date.

Their Dubia raised questions as to whether Francis was transmitting 'authentic continuity of teaching--the wisdom of the Church' in matters of marriage and the Eucharist. 

Francis I has also spread confusion regarding whether Islam is "the will of God," and then had to "clarify" it in the face of licit, grave, and rational criticism from all quarters.

Pope Francis has sent mixed signals on all sorts of issues; remember "breed like rabbits"?  He decided to allow the Communists in China to--effectively--run the Church in that country, and has utterly failed to stop (much less reverse) the questionable money-handling at EVERY level of the Church in the West.  His Academy of Social Sciences invites guest speakers who are enemies of the Church and of people in general.

Mr. Davis, there is the crisis. 

Just as Prof. Mahoney suggested, filial respect demands that faithful Catholics point out the obvious and pray for the Church.........and the Pope.

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