Sunday, February 09, 2020

Andy McCarthy, Hand-Wringer (?)

Generally, Andy McCarthy is a solid guy.  But here he's showing signs of the TDS flu.  Too bad.

...To say the president is defiant, that he is without remorse, understates the matter.

The president would not pretend to be either sorry or grateful for his reprieve....
McCarthy wrinkles his nose at Trump's explicit mention of Biden.  That's know.

Well, Andy, get used to it.  The President--to the roaring approval of millions of voters--is going to .............distastefully........lay bare the corrupto-crap filling every single closet in Washington, Northern Virginia, and Maryland.  

Andy does observe that the Democrats are horribly wrong on nearly everything--how could he not notice?

One other thing:  McCarthy makes a claim here....

...Biden would not have been hurt even if there had been an investigation — especially once it became clear that Trump’s own Justice Department did not suspect Biden of violating American law...
..........and that claim is wholly without evidence. 

First off, SOMEONE in the Department of Coverup (formerly "Justice") knew all about the Biden corruption(s.)  That could NOT have been a secret during the Obama Mal-Administration.  Secondly, just because nobody at the Department of Coverup SAYS there's 'no suspicion,' does not mean that there IS 'no suspicion.'  I don't trust Bob Barr--but he and Durham could have been on this for several months.  Do you REALLY think that Giuliani (and Glenn Beck) are the only people on Earth with evidence?

Buck up, Andy.  The best is yet to come!

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