Saturday, February 15, 2020

Bloomie + Hildebeeste? Please, Please, Please!!

While driving today, I heard an episode of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me", an NPR-syndicated show out of Chicago.  The show is usually funny (this one was) and entertaining (ditto.)  Noteworthy:  the show's host and a guest both took haymaker-sized whacks at MiniMike Bloomberg.  Trump was smacked only once.

I thought that was significant.  Then I read this piece of analysis:

...The substantial share of the Democrat base that is hard left will never turnout and vote for him. With supporters of Bernie Sanders already convinced (with evidence) that the 2016 nomination was stolen from him, the chances are nil that they will vote in large numbers for the man who has bought support from some of their party leaders. Instead, there is a decent chance that they will either stay home or support a splinter or small party radical leftist candidate....
Yah, well, wait until that Mike and Hillary ticket gets punched!!  It will be a LOT of fun to watch the Bernie Boyzzz burn down Democrat offices coast-to-coast.

Who else thinks that will happen?  Donald Trump.

...If a guy came in and bought the election, if they bought the Democratic nomination, I really think you'd have a revolution within the Democrat Party. You had a mini-revolution last time, right, but you would have a real — because they took it away from him the last time, or at least it was perceived....
If nothing else, it will be clear as daylight to ALL of the country that the Party of Monied Interests is, without a doubt, the Democrat Party.

Populists, arise!  You have nothing to lose but your country!!

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