Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Church's "Deep State"

Why yes, there is a "Deep State" within the US Catholic Church.  Any sentient Catholic has known that for decades.  It's the USCCB staff, along with a few hundred (but not ALL) of the US Bishops themselves.  Social liberals, Big Government advocates, materialist....the whole Socialist Shebang.  It's the Obama Government in pews, singing "Here I Am, Lord!"

The USCCB staff's latest stunt is to flat-out stiff-arm the life issue in its "Voting Guide" (which could be spelled "Vote DEMOCRAT, You Deplorables!").

When America's bishops debated their "Faithful Citizenship" document at their annual meeting last November, a faction led by Cdl. Blase Cupich and Bp. Robert McElroy crafted a strategic ploy. Seeking to remove the depiction of abortion as the bishops' "pre-eminent" concern, they advocated reducing it to the status of one issue among many on their "social justice" agenda.

...Ultimately, bishops voted 143-69 in favor of keeping the "pre-eminent" language. But the bureaucracy of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) wasn't listening. As David Nussman reports for Church Militant, the bishops' decision was ignored by the conference staff. The video series, purporting to reflect "Faithful Citizenship" faithfully, focuses instead on familiar social justice issues — period. References and images featuring climate change, immigration and poverty abound. Unfortunately, and clearly by design, the pre-eminence of the bishops' pro-life focus is nowhere to be found....
The USCCB--a very expensive outfit--was created by none other than Bp. Jos. Bernardin, whose entire life was devoted to undermining the Catholic Church.  While USCCB's most obnoxious employee, Dolores Curran, was pushed out by Mgr. Malloy, Malloy was not allowed to finish clearing the swamp.  More recently, the head of "Catholic" News Service was fired because he opposed religious liberty (!!!)

While the optimum solution to the USCCB problem is simply to fire all the employees and sell the building, leaving Bishops to teach, sanctify, and govern their Dioceses, there is not enough courage in that Conference to pull the trigger (so to speak.)

So in the US, we have Bishops who have no chests.........and a church-paid Deep State gnawing away at the Church itself.

Donald Trump could help, at least on the pro-life issue.


Anonymous said...

The Bishops have long since proven to be cowards at best and partisans of Satin at worst. If your not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. There is no other choice.

jmbutk said...

Not Bishops.......Swishops!