Sunday, February 16, 2020

1,000 Brat Girls Screech at Adult in the Room

Apparently being an ex-employee of the Department of In-justice is like being a 13-year-old brat.

More than 1,100 ex-employees of the Department of Justice signed a letter calling on Attorney General William Barr to resign Sunday...

You get one guess why....

..."Although there are times when political leadership appropriately weighs in on individual prosecutions, it is unheard of for the Department’s top leaders to overrule line prosecutors, who are following established policies, in order to give preferential treatment to a close associate of the President, as Attorney General Barr did in the Stone case,"...
The last graf of the letter is here:

"We HATE YOU!!!  And we're slamming our door!!!!"
I might have made that part up.

Related, and the 'splanation:

It is axiomatic that Democrats and their controlled media will always telegraph whom they fear the most by their concerted vitriolic attacks on that individual. 

...the Democrats aren’t worried about the Roger Stone case; that’s just a wedge issue to discredit AG Barr and beat the drum that the DoJ has become highly politicized in the Age of Trump. (Never mind that former AG Eric Holder blatantly declared he was “Obama’s wingman.”) Their goal is to discredit the ongoing criminal investigation by John Durham and the DoJ review of Ukraine-related evidence by the US attorney in Pittsburgh by claiming that these are just an extension of President Trump’s “political vendetta” against his enemies. And what has given the Democrats even tighter sphincters is AG Barr’s decision to move politically-charged cases outside of Washington, DC, to get away from the corrupted system there that the Democrats have rigged for years to avoid justice. And that includes the initiation of an external review of the Michael Flynn case by prosecutors in St. Louis. The Washington DC US attorney’s office is the largest in the country with over 300 lawyers; one of its key focuses is the prosecution of politically sensitive cases. One need only compare the outcomes of the Greg Craig and Roger Stone cases to identify the polar extremes in how that corrupt system works on behalf of politically connected Democrats versus Trump allies. And the Democrats know it because they set it all up....
Here I thought they were just a bunch of 13-year-old girls.  Huh.  Turns out they're Democrats!

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