Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Local Rag Still Lying About "Quid pro Quo"

We expected exactly what we got here:  the continuing lie about Sondland's testimony.

Here's the local rag's lie:

...The Wisconsin Republican became a key figure of the president's impeachment over withholding military aid from Ukraine in exchange for an investigation into Trump's political rivals after Johnson told the president he didn't want aid tied to such information gathering — a quid pro quo Johnson learned about from Sondland.  ...
Not exactly the truth.  While Sondland may have said 'There is a quid pro quo', Sondland's testimony is different.  VERY different.  Sondland states that he PRESUMED the quid pro quo--he did not KNOW that it existed.  Further, Johnson has often said that the President forcefully denied asking for a quid pro quo--something that the J-S failed to mention.  (See image below).

Why was Trump thinking about withholding aid?

Trump said he was considering withholding the aid because of alleged corruption involving the 2016 U.S. election

At least THAT part of the J-S story is true.


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