Monday, February 24, 2020

Milwaukee History on Front Page of Ace!!

The Ace of Spades blog is not just "a blog"--it is a pretty good news source and it respects the brains of its readers.

So on today's lead post, we find this double-bill image.  The V-P candidate for the Socialist Party, Emil Seidel,  was Mayor of Milwaukee, WI.  (He was followed by two other Socialists, the brothers Carl & Frank Zeidler..  FWIW, all three ran very clean governments.)



Dave P. said...

Two corrections:

1) Dan Hoan was the long-time Socialist mayor of Milwaukee (1916-1940)

2) Carl Zeidler was not a Socialist, but a Democrat. His tenure was brief, as he left office to join the Navy. Killed in action in December 1942.

Dad29 said...

Dave, thanks for the correction. Seidel preceded Hoan. Interesting that Carl was a (D) and his brother Frank was a (S)....