Tuesday, February 18, 2020

One UW Campus That Should Close

We've mentioned that a few UW campuses should be closed because there will not be enough students to justify all the "colleges" that make up the UW system.  UW-Whitewater is taking the hit this year.  There will be more. 

Here's a UW-system college whose behavior merits a closing in the next year or so.

The Alliance Defending Freedom says that a University of Wisconsin-River Falls policy violates its students’ First Amendment rights. In a letter sent to the university on Monday, the legal group calls on the school to revise its policies “to ensure that administrators do not prohibit students from speaking spontaneously in public outdoor areas.”

“UW-River Falls’ policies currently violate the First Amendment and our client’s rights,” states Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) in a letter to the university.

The non-profit legal group is representing Sofie Salmon — who recruiting members for a Turning Point USA (TPUSA) student group last September — was told by a university official that she needed to obtain permission from the school in order to exercise her First Amendment rights on the public university grounds.

The school official added that the police would be called if the conservative student refused to do so....
No surprise that a UW official wants to stomp on Free (conservative) speech.  The question is "Why keep this barnacle open?"

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Dave P. said...

It's interesting that state universities keep insisting on restricting free speech, in spite of the countless lawsuits and court rulings...