Friday, February 21, 2020

Fed Blackrobes..........Be Warned

Another item quoted at Ace, this from American Thinker. 

Short excerpt--just what counts:

...The FBI and Justice Department have done everything in their power to torment President Trump by pursuing process crimes against his associates, while allowing members of Hillary Clinton's campaign and President Obama's government not only to escape charges for creating an international spy ring to take down President Trump, but to do so while laughing about it on television. While we wait to see whether U.S. attorney John Durham and Attorney General Barr actually have the intestinal fortitude to help right the ship of justice, most of us have given up holding our breath. Patience may well move mountains, but abused patience turns to fury. And while the federal courts go out of their way to push back against President Trump by issuing nationwide injunctions against his legal orders and permitting malicious prosecutions against his allies in their courtrooms, they are also quickening the day of their own long delayed judgment...
Gorsuch is rumored to be on the Fantasy-Bandwagon, like Kennedy before him, regarding "gender" and Title IX.

For his sake, I hope those rumors are just that.

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