Thursday, February 13, 2020

Abortion IS Abortion

The traditional battle lines emerge in the pro-life camp.  And (now-) Cardinal Dolan's BFFs are still on the wrong side (!)

A group of Republicans are seeking to change the state constitution to prevent courts from keeping abortion legal, but Democrats contend the measure could outlaw some forms of birth control.

The tactic has split abortion opponents, with some saying the proposed constitutional amendment would hurt their long-term goal of outlawing abortion....
OK, so why the 'split'?  Simple.

....Opponents said changing the constitution could result in courts ruling life begins with the fertilization of an egg and make IUDs or other forms of birth control illegal....

... The measure has the backing of Pro-Life Wisconsin but is opposed by the state’s largest anti-abortion group, Wisconsin Right to Life. ...
Wisconsin Right to Life is the Bush family's kinda-sorta-mostly 'pro-life' outfit, and during his last couple of years here in Milwaukee, then-Abp. Dolan made nicey-nice with them--cutting dead Pro-Life Wisconsin, which is 100% pro-life.

Thanks, Abp. Dolan!

Naturally, the opponents go directly to hysteria as "argument."

...”That idea scares us so much because as soon as you recognize the rights of that fertilized egg, which most of us don’t know is inside of us, then you put us up for criminal penalty if we smoke a cigarette, if we take birth control, if we go rock climbing, if we take chemotherapy because we have cancer,” said Sara Finger, executive director of the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health....
Sara thinks that Wisconsin is Saudi Arabia, I guess.  But she isn't alone; a much-better known name also has Dark Premonitions:

...James Bopp Jr., a nationally known attorney who has done work for Wisconsin Right to Life, testified Thursday that there was no way to know how courts might rule if the amendment were adopted — and they might rule in a way that makes it harder to ban abortion. 

"This is too risky," he told lawmakers....
Risky compared to what, Jim?  Another 50,000 dead babies?

There's a reason that I used the name "Bush" in the comments above.  Wisconsin Right to Life shows you how the old-style Republicans "fought"--that is to say, not at all.  (Besides, they aren't really pro-life; they're pro-comfort.  BIG difference.)

Now if only Abp. Dolan had tried "evangelization" instead of "accomodation"...........


UPDATE:  Lots more information at the LifeSite story on this movement.

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