Sunday, February 16, 2020

Barr's Job: Prevent Utter Collapse

In line with the post below, Sundance has a few comments. 

The corruption in the Department of InJustice (and the FEEBS) is so deep and so serious that Barr faces a choice:  if he looses the dogs of war and prosecutes all the offenders, the whole damn thing comes down.  OR he can do the shimmy-shimmy-shake on some matters and keep DOJ and the FEEBS running, at least temporarily.

Here's the part of Sundance's column that's relevant:

...In essence, regardless of Bill Barr’s outlook or opinion of what took place, he had no alternative except to defend the previous decisions.  As a result Barr has no option except to protect Rod Rosenstein.

If former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was ever to be prosecuted the same issues that surfaced with James Wolfe would surface again.  The actions by DAG Rosenstein in 2017 merged with the objectives of Andrew McCabe at the same time. {SEE HERE}

It can be debated whether Rosenstein collaborated with McCabe purposefully, or whether he was blind to the prior year corrupt activity within the DOJ/FBI and fell into a trap.  It doesn’t really matter what Rosenstein’s 2017 motives were; the facts show Rosensteins’ actions facilitated the goals of McCabe and the corrupt actors within the DOJ/FBI.

Those actions had consequences, very serious consequences, and those consequences are what matters.

There is no way of prosecuting Andrew McCabe without putting Rod Rosenstein into the same crosshairs of consequence. {Go Deep} Rosenstein facilitated the FBI operations being run by Comey, McCabe, Baker, Strzok, Page, Clinesmith, Pientka and eventually culminating in Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissman et al.

When you truly understand this context you also understand why Joseph Pientka III has a blanket protective order over him.  The all-encompassing protective order is as much about preserving and protecting the institution of the DOJ as it is protecting the fulcrum of corrupt activity Supervisory Special Agent One, Joseph Pientka III, represents.

The DOJ had to throw a bag over Pientka or eliminate him.  Thankfully, and not surprisingly, they chose the former and now he’s under protection....
Seth Richards was eliminated.  If I were Joe Pientka, I'd have 24X7 bodyguards.

Go ahead.  Hit all the links in the Sundance post (and read all of it.)  Prove him wrong.

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Anonymous said...

I'm still not comfortable with those determined to be mere useful idiots being allowed to walk even if they've spilled their guts in exchange for the opportunity. I see a lot of rationalizing, a lot of walking, and nobody swinging. The truth should certainly be written and shared, but that can't be the end of it.