Sunday, February 16, 2020

Who Killed the McCabe Prosecution?

Andy McCarthy has a few things to say about the Two Kinds of Justice problem surrounding the McCabe prosecution.

There's no doubt in his mind that McCabe is guilty as Hell.  And there's no doubt in his mind that Papadopolous and Flynn were both screwed blue and tattooed for lesser offenses than McCabe's.

So yah, there are Two Kinds of Justice.

How did the Department of "Justice" screw up the case?  Well, here's an interesting part of the essay:

...We may never get a satisfying explanation for the Justice Department’s decision to drop the McCabe probe. That’s the way it is when such complicated reasons and motives are at play.

The aforementioned challenge of hostile witnesses is not to be underestimated. In addition, there are growing indications that the Justice Department had lost confidence in the U.S. attorney who was overseeing the probe, Jesse Liu....

There have been rumblings that the McCabe investigation was botched. Kamil Shields, a prosecutor who reportedly grew frustrated by her supervisors’ inordinate delays in making decisions about the McCabe probe, ultimately left the Justice Department to take a private-practice job. Another prosecutor, David Kent, quit last summer as DOJ dithered over the decision on whether to prosecute.... Reportedly, Liu advocated charging McCabe, but the DOJ may have harbored doubts about her judgment.
In other words, Liu dragged out the case to make effective prosecution impossible.

No matter the outcome, the Justice Department stood to take some hits if McCabe had been charged. Focus on McCabe’s leak would have drawn attention to pressure DOJ officials had put on the Bureau over the Clinton Foundation investigation (which, reportedly, is likely to be closed without charges). It would also renew interest in the question of whether the FBI improperly allowed McCabe to play a role in Clinton-related investigations when his wife, as a political candidate, got major funding from Clinton-tied sources.

Moreover, new Freedom of Information Act disclosures — made to meet a deadline set by District Judge Reggie Walton, which may explain the timing of the non-prosecution announcement — indicate that the Justice Department and FBI did not comply with regulations in what appears to be the rushed termination of McCabe, adding heft to the former deputy director’s claim that he was being singled out for abusive treatment, potentially including prosecution, because of vengeful politics....
Think that the FEEBS and In-Justice conspired to screw up McCabe's termination?  Why not?  Just another nail in the coffin of "equal justice"--so they went for it.

And finally:  there is no way in Hell that a D.C.-area jury will be impartial.  Roger Stone's case is one proof, and hardly the only one.  Were the case to be tried in Omaha, Oklahoma, or Green Bay--real America--things would be different.

 McCarthy is very hard on Trump's tweeting, by the way, for good reason.

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Anonymous said...

Folks are buying into a false argument that the federal bureaucracies arrayed against Trump are somehow the victims here and in need of protection. Excuses are being offered as evidence.

I would argue that Trump's tweets are of incredible value regardless of how much they irritate folks like Bill Barr. Barr has yet to come clean on anything. Anything at all. Claims of secrecy and complexity are common, tried and true rationalizations for inaction in DC. They wear their shades of gray like a friggin' shield. The clock on Trump's term is winding down and the swamp dwellers (and Barr, despite all of the assigned virtues ala Robert Mueller, is one of them) are hoping to run out the clock on the truth.

If it weren't for Trump tweeting his displeasure with the swamp we wouldn't know squat. Trump's tweets are pointed and have been the singularly reliable method of pushing those knuckle draggers to move at all.