Sunday, February 23, 2020

Trump/Russia Thing? There's ZERO Evidence

Yah, well, it appears that one more lying SOB in the DNI office will be transferred to assistant to the substitute undersecretary for sanitation affairs someplace.

CATHERINE HERRIDGE: Source familiar w/house briefing @CBSNews says briefers pressed for evidence to back up claims Russia “trying to help POTUS in 2020.” Asked if there was signals intelligence – such as phone intercepts or “SIGINT” – to back up claims, source said briefers had none to offer #DNI

Why yes, there's more!!

...The US intelligence community’s top election security official appears to have overstated the intelligence community’s formal assessment of Russian interference in the 2020 election, omitting important nuance during a briefing with lawmakers earlier this month, three national security officials told CNN....

"Shelby Pierson"--obviously a fake name--is the creature in question here.  Clarification:  he/she/it is the questionable creature.

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