Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Socialists Are NOT Catholics; Are the Bishops??

No surprise that James Zogby (the pollster) is involved here.  And once again, the US Bishops' gutless-wonder activities come to the fore.

As Bernie Sanders tries to cement his lead in the Democratic primaries, a small but vocal group of traditionalist Catholics have thrown their support behind the socialist's presidential bid.

"I will almost certainly vote for Bernie in the general if he's the nominee," Maryland resident John-Paul Teti told the Washington Examiner, "and I will vote for Trump if it's any other Democrat." 

Teti is among a group of young, Latin Mass-going Catholics who have veered from their peers' more commonly conservative political opinions by supporting Sanders. In their view, the Vermont senator promotes the most cogent vision of the "common good" available to Catholic voters through policies such as Medicare for All, support for unions, and wealth taxes....

Huh.  "Theft by State" has never been part of Catholic doctrine except at the fever-swamp of the USCCB bureaucracy's palace in D.C.

See, these mal-formed and largely immature folks haven't yet absorbed the entire Catholic teaching--that "rights" do NOT exist without "responsibilities" to oneself and to others.  These poor kids (and their "adult" mentors) inserted the State virus into the Church's actual teaching which had to do with individuals helping individualsSubsidiarity, anyone??  Hello???

Then they manage to torture B-16's 'almost but not quite' statement into actual approval which B-16 did NOT do because five previous Popes flat-out condemed socialism.  Critical reading skills are not their thing, I guess.

Now for the really big problems:

...But, even as some Catholic Church leaders may look kindly on socialism, the Church condemns abortion rights, gay marriage, and transgender rights, all of which are nonnegotiable positions for Sanders...
Those problems are largely the fault of the US Bishops.

How can we say that?


...Catholic support for Sanders represents the latest manifestation of a historic diversity among Catholic voters. The majority support former Vice President Joe Biden in 2020, with Sanders coming in second, according to a survey conducted in February by RealClearResearch and the Catholic television network EWTN. The same poll found that Catholics are also divided on key issues, with a slim majority saying that abortion should be legal and sizable majorities saying that abortion, euthanasia, and assisted suicide are not "intrinsically evil."...
There is NO WAY that so many Catholics could hold those beliefs unless their teachers--the Bishops--were missing in action.  

Put another way--as I did yesterday--the Bishops in the USA have no chests and no cojonesThey fear being dis-invited from the Al Smith dinner and from the usual china-and-crystal local glitterati events and the loss of donations from the Smart Set.

In other words, they are gutless wonders.  Smarmy sheep.  Momma's boys-in-collars. The "lukewarm" destined for the spit-bowl, and deservedly so.

Pray harder.  Obviously, your previous prayers were insufficient.

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