Tuesday, April 02, 2019

FBI Buried Info in Las Vegas Shootings. Why?

Aside from the utterly corrupt, unbalanced, and megalomaniacal D.C. "management" of the FEEBS, there are plenty of other FBI candidates for immediate dismissal and indictment for obstruction.  Some of them are in Las Vegas.

...ATF saw no external signs that the guns had been converted to full auto. "However, on-scene ATF personnel were not allowed to physically examine the interior of the weapons for machine-gun fire-control components or known machinegun conversion devices such as Drop-In Auto Sears, Lightning Links, etc." The bolding is in the original, and suggests the agency was annoyed....


...determining if something was NFA is [ATF's] field of expertise, and FBI (which had at best questionable jurisdiction -- what non-firearm federal crime could the killer have committed?) was keeping them from examining the evidence...

So there are TWO questions:  1) Why are the FEEBS preventing ATF from examining the guns used by the Vegas shooter?  and 2)  What the Hell are the FEEBS doing in this investigation in the first place?

No, not just TWO!!  Actually, it's THREE, and the third is pretty damned important.

...David Codrea has even more. ATF experts reporting that they cannot confirm bumpstocks were actually used. The killer certainly had them, but may have used guns modified to fire full auto, and ATF could not determine which it was without examining them internally, which which FBI refused to allow....

So the (likely un-Constitutional) "bump-stock ban" was clearly set up by the FEEBS and some other Deep State creepers in Congress and the White House.

Nice.  The question is "Why?"

BTW, I don't have any love for "bump stocks," as I prefer accuracy.  On the other hand, this is not about "bump stocks" at all.

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Listen. The guy was a front-runner selling to terrlrisp. They shot up that concert.