Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Better Perspective on Nixon History

One of those "A-HAH!!" quotes here.

...When the House Judiciary Committee drew up articles of impeachment against Nixon, one of the first items they considered was his impoundment of funds, which is withholding congressionally appropriated monies from the bureaucracy. This fact lends evidence to the suggestion that the real reason Nixon was targeted was that he dared to challenge the administrative state’s authority. Nixon’s desire to reassert executive authority over the administrative state as its rightful and legal constitutional head explained why he was so hated in Washington. Since the committee determined this was not an impeachable offense, the committee generalized his “crimes” to matters that had nothing really to do with the Watergate break in. These amounted to not doing what the Congress demanded when they demanded it....

One wonders how Jim "Muh Principles!!" Sense-less-brenner thought about all that.

Nah. I don't wonder.

Yes, Nixon was a crook.  His biggest offense was trying to take command of a bunch of BIGGER crooks:  Congress.

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