Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Jordahl and Johnson Client List

You recall that Deb Jordahl and RJ Johnson are "Republican" consultants.  They are also yellow-bellied snakes who ran like .........ahh.........away from Hagedorn when it became clear that he was not going to roll over on his Christian beliefs.  They advised their client, the Realtors, that they should demand a refund of their campaign contribution ($18,000.).

Well, those two turncoats have other clients.

...Steve Forbes for President, Governor Scott Walker, Michigan State Senate, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, Citizens for Self Governance, Reform America Fund, Reform Wisconsin Fund, American Federation for Children. Wisconsin Right to Life, Wisconsin Club for Growth, Wisconsin Right to Work, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, Keep Louisiana Working, Priorities for Iowa, and Advancing Colorado....

I would suggest that every one of these entities re-consider their consulting arrangement.

I would also suggest that selling your home DIY is an interesting possibility.

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