Monday, April 15, 2019

Sense-Less-Brenner Gets Chippy

Good ol' Jim Sensenbrenner has "principles."  And after ...what?....165 years in Congress, Sensenbrenner has utterly failed to keep his "principles" enshrined in law.  Gee.  Can you say "loser"?

Under Jimbo's "principles," there will be no southern border.  Jim's "principles" would prevent the Commander-in-Chief from defeating an invasion of inimical forces.

So we could say that Jimbo's "principles" are "perverse," no?


And he's going to show those young whippersnappers a thing or two.  He won't let them speak at his campaign events, where 60 people show up at 2:00 but leave so they can get the early-bird dinner special at Old Country Buffet at 4:00.

OK, Jim. 

"Principled" subjects of the King don't engage in revolutions, either,  Jimbo.  

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