Thursday, April 18, 2019

GKC's Liturgical Prophesy

At the time Chesterton said this, the liturgical revolution of Vatican II was a few dozen years off, although there were forerunners emerging in Germany.  GKC refers to "art," but simply substitute "liturgy" ....

...These are the three stages of art that Chesterton saw when he looked at the fallen gargoyle staring up at him from the ground: the classical, the romantic, and the realist. The classical is pagan, with an emphasis on form; the romantic is Christian and keeps the form but emphasizes content; and realism, which is the degeneration into secularism, is a reaction against both form and content that ultimately rejects both....

Just a few days ago, B-16 released a letter in which he stated that many, many members of the Church had forsaken God--the 'ultimate rejection' of both form and content.

HT:  Grim

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