Friday, April 12, 2019

Sefton's Analysis of The Situation

Every morning, JJSefton compiles a long list of links to read.  He prefaces them with an essay on The Situation.

Here's part of today's essay with which I mostly agree:

...the fact of the matter is the damage has been done, both to this President in terms of his ability to move his agenda forward and more broadly and much more critically to what was already a red nether hair-thin trust in our leaders and institutions. That has been irreparably damaged. I think this is one of the reasons why even a long time resident of DC like William Barr did what he did in stating the truth about Trump, out of perhaps a sense of wanting to restore the shattered credibility of the DoJ. It's a noble pursuit but all things considered on that is in vain. Things cannot and most certainly will not go on as before. We really are in uncharted territory politically and culturally. Maybe that's a good thing....
I'm quite a bit more cynical; recall that Barr has been a vocal and forceful defender of The Establishment--including defending the FBI killer/sniper at Ruby Ridge. 

My guess is that he said something to make the 'right' happy and that's the end of it.  Oh, there may be a sacrificial goat like Greg Craig (1 year suspended--watch!) or Ben Rhodes (6 months' confinement--watch!!).

But Hillary the Espionage Act, Obama the traitor/Communist, Susan Rice, Lynch the Fixer, Valerie Jarrett the Iranian--they'll get the same thing given Lois Lerner:  fat pension, fatter lifetime benefits, and a comfy book-revenue deal.  

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