Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Martin-ized Jesuit School Chooses Badly

Tell me you're *shocked*

...Students at John Carroll University (JCU) took offense to an op-ed published in The Carroll News by editor Declan Leary, who criticized a new magazine, entitled, Loud & Proud Zine, after it had first criticized him for expressing his views about a JCU-funded drag show last semester. Leary argued that a Catholic university is not an appropriate location for hosting such events.

“For about 30 pages — various contributors — including students, faculty members and three drag performers —– rant about how some scary conservative establishment (whose face is, of course, yours truly) is trying to repress them,” wrote Leary, “the issue isn’t that they’re being repressed; it’s just that nobody really wants to listen to them.”...

"Nobody really wants to listen to them"  That, my friends, is dead-on. 

At any rate....

The university went on to affirm its commitment to the “LGBTQIA+ community” and assured students that JCU would “work diligently to heal the wounds plaguing our campus community” and “create a space going forward.”

What a load of Martin-ized crap. 

At this point, the Jebbies--worldwide--are riding on the fumes of a legacy of 'intellectual rigor', which 'rigor' is actually in 'mortis' and has been so since about 1955. 

As we all know, Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.   The Jesuits chose the world, and their worldly glory is fading fast.

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