Monday, April 08, 2019

What Was Bp. D'Arcy THINKING??

Interesting item in a Dreher column about P. Buttigieg, presidential candidate:

Pete was valedictorian (and class president) of the Catholic high school I attended, right on the outskirts of Notre Dame, where both his parents taught.

Buttgieg was born in 1982, meaning that he graduated from a "Catholic" high school around 2000.  Coulda been 1999, 2001....OK.

Buttigieg's father was a Communist.  That's the way Buttigieg refers to him.  

So who was the Bishop of Ft. Wayne, IN at that time?

+John Michael D'Arcy.

I'm old enough to remember that D'Arcy was sent to Ft. Wayne with the idea that he would wrestle the Diocese back toward Catholicism from wherever it was under the "rule" of Bp. McManus.  D'Arcy arrived in 1985.  Yes, Notre Dame was the most obvious problem--and it still is.


In TEN YEARS ('85 to '95) D'Arcy couldn't get a COMMUNIST bounced from teaching at a "Catholic" high school?



Anonymous said...

Just pointing out some misinformation (those crazy commas in the Comments section on the Dreher article): Buttigieg's parents did not teach at St. Joseph H.S. They taught at Notre Dame (which IS down the street from the h.s.).

Dad29 said...

I know the old man taught at ND. My old man was right back in 1965; he didn't trust ND at all.

Dad29 said...

Anony, your comment is not supported in the Dreher item NOR in its combox. Until you produce evidence to the contrary, I'll leave this post up.