Sunday, April 21, 2019

Resurrexi adhuc tecum sum, alleluia!!

Thus the incipit of this morning's Introit, Christ announcing to His disciples that "I have risen, and am with you...."

(N.B.:  utilization of that recording does NOT constitute endorsement of the way it is sung.)

Fr. James Schall:

....The intellectual history of the western world, in some sense, has been an endless series of objections to the reality, even to the possibility of the Resurrection. Paul was right, the Crucifixion was indeed a scandal to the Jews and foolishness to the Greeks.

If this was so, what about the Resurrection of the Crucified One? Yet, we know that the Christian Church exists alone where there are bishops who hold the Creed that teaches the resurrection of the very body. “If Christ be not risen from the dead, our faith is indeed in vain,” Paul told the Corinthians.

Dylan Thomas echoed this same Paul in his poetic refrain, again and again: “And death shall have no dominion. . . .And death shall have no dominion.”....

And thus, we, too!

Easter Sunday is a festivity, a celebration. Its only interest and value to us is if it is what it implies, the Resurrection of Jesus, the pledge of ours. We know that we shall be different. We also believe that we shall be quite literally ourselves, with our own name, as Jesus was not some new or Third Man, but himself, Jesus. Any other belief would be despair.
It is gratifying to think that James Schall will be himself, no?

Happy Easter!!  

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