Monday, April 08, 2019

Just What WERE Paul Ryan's "Principles"?

We all know that 'Paul-Who-Lives-Behind-the-Wall' Ryan claims to have "principles."  We know that mostly-open borders, Globaloney-One-World Rule, and funding Planned Parenthood were among them.

A new book reveals another one:  Run Against Trump!!

...GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert told The Daily Caller’s Derek Hunter last December that Ryan had told GOP House members they should actually run against the president in order to win their own elections. (RELATED: Paul Ryan: ‘Sometimes’ Trump Can Be A Unifier)
“Just a few weeks before the election, we were told by Paul, by our elected leaders that, gee, the only way we can keep the House majority is just all of us start running against the president,” Gohmert told Hunter, who was guest-hosting on WMAL. “Fortunately, we had enough people one after another on the call that pushed back so hard they backed off of that.”...
Let's see how "Run Against Trump" works for the Democrats, Paul.  You could always join them, ya'know; your "principles" won't prevent that.

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