Monday, April 01, 2019

Karl Rove Puts the Money in His Pocket!

Apparently Karl Rove went from 'nerdy' to 'greedy.'  And along the way, sh&^canned all those "principles", too.

Rove wants government to “help” run the entirety of the impending Fifth Generation (5G) wireless network.

“Karl Rove isn’t a registered lobbyist, but he’s actively working Capitol Hill on one side of the 5G wireless fight that has split President Donald Trump’s advisers.

“The veteran Republican operative has been contacting congressional offices to warn against bipartisan efforts to ban government control of the super-fast wireless technology.”

“Rove has also sat in on meetings with House and Senate Armed Services committee offices organized by a lobbyist for Rivada Networks, a politically connected company that wants the government to manage the sharing of 5G airwaves with wireless providers….

“Rivada, which is backed by tech investor and Trump ally Peter Thiel, counts Rove as an investor and adviser. Rivada’s model would have the administration take wireless spectrum from the Defense Department and use a third-party operator – ideally Rivada – to make those airwaves available to providers who need it on a rolling wholesale basis, much like in the electricity market.”...
Because all those Government-run broadband nets work so well, no?  Like the ones in Milwaukee and Dane County!!

If you want to know how wacked-out this little plot really is, consider:  Robert Francis O'Rourke is pushing the very same idea for 5G.

Never thought you'd see The Nerd cozying up to "Beto," didja, hey??

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