Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Tokin'Tony's Wind-and-Sun Stupidity

We've mentioned (and we DID the math) that Tokin'Tony Evers' non-fossil energy demand is completely unrealistic for "sunshine" energy.  That's because the solar energy infrastructure would have to blanket the entire State of Wisconsin's land-area in order to generate the electricity consumed here.

And (surprise!!) there's another problem:  the cost.

...to generate a kilowatt hour with wind or solar costs about seven cents in favorable locations. (The cost for wind and solar is almost the same.) The cost is seven cents, the benefit is two cents, so the subsidy is five cents per kilowatt hour. Wind or solar would be competitive only if the seven-cent cost per kilowatt hour could be reduced to two cents, a 70% reduction....
Right now, that nickel/kWh is made up by direct Government giveaways, higher prices, and indirect tax-schemes which usually benefit real estate developers such as Mark Neumann's outfit locally.  Yup--the same Mark Neumann who despises Big Gummint will happily take the money and run.

How about that?  Tokin'Tony and Neumann, sittin' in a tree.....

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