Sunday, April 28, 2019

"Tariffs Hurt Americans"? Not!!

Gee, those tariffs--which raised the price of a dryer by $50.00--are really killing Americans.

...Trump recounted the conversation with Abe, “I said listen, we gotta do something. $68 billion in trade losses over the last four or five years, a year. So we’re renegotiating and I think he’ll be fair. I think he’ll be fair.” 

“By the way, he started by saying he’s putting $40 billion into the United States for new car factories,” President Trump said, summarizing Abe’s commitment. “Toyota is coming in with $14 billion dollars. Many, many companies are coming in. And they’re coming in, frankly, to Michigan. They’re coming back, they want to be back, to Ohio, to Pennsylvania, to North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and what’s the name of this special place – it’s called Wisconsin.” 

“So they’ll be investing shortly and it’s started already, $40 billion with a b, $40 billion dollars, and it’ll be a lot more than that,” Trump said....

Yah, it's really awful what those tariffs do, eh?

By the way:  when Americans have jobs, they have a future.  When Americans have a future, they have hope--and want to build for that future.

Then they have children.  We build the future for them, ya'know.

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