Sunday, April 28, 2019

Vati-Twits Pimping Globo-Gummint

This sort of foodaddle is right in Pp. Francis' zone.

...The European Union (EU) is “an example of what could become a supranational state,” according to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences in the lead-up to a major conference against nationalism.

In its full-court press for globalism and international migration, the Vatican insists on describing nationalism in exclusively negative terms, opening its “Concept Note” for its May 1-3 conference by saying that the world “is facing today a growing threat of nationalist revival,” which “leads to mutual rejection and enduring conflicts.”...

Nope, Pope.  The operative CATHOLIC term is "subsidiarity," which would be familiar to you if you ever actually read the documents produced by your predecessors.  (You can get a Spanish translation, since you clearly don't understand Latin.)

And for the record, Holiness, I for one will continue to reject communism, atheism, materialism, gnosticism, and the other heresies promulgated, endorsed, and loved by the Globo-Weenies who you have writing these stupid screeds.

That will be an "enduring conflict", pal.

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