Friday, April 19, 2019

UW Economists on Welfare: "MORE!! PLEASE!!"

Here, "welfare" means going after Federal Medicaid dollars, a position rejected by the entire governing structure of Wisconsin over the last several years.

But UW-Madistan economists won't stop trying, no matter how much they have to fabricate to mke the Tokin'Tony case.

Read the whole thing here; I'll excerpt the hammer part.

...While one could argue about which enrollment to use, the second flaw in their logic makes the new paper almost laughable. They assume that only the fraction of new enrollees who previously had private insurance will generate costs at all.  The paper does not offer much justification for this choice, but it appears the underlying assumption is that those who lacked insurance previous to expansion are not forgoing any care due to their lack of insurance, meaning that insuring them is a pure benefit to the state budget.  

This is, to put it mildly, absurd....
It's a clear indication that somebody might have been into the "medical" marijuana before it's legal. 

But "studies" like this are the hallmark of the Socialist/Communist hegemon.  Apparently they don't know that their day is over.

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