Monday, April 01, 2019

Hey, CJ Roberts: THIS Is an OBAMA Judge, or Maybe an AOC Judge

For the overly defensive fellow in DC named "It's a MandateIt's a Tax " Roberts:

...Barack Obama decided to take one more shot at the country he despised above all others. By executive order, he banned drilling in large swaths of the Arctic. This had been done by past presidents, but always with a time lime. Obama, being the Lightworker, desired his decisions to have immortality and he banned drilling in perpetuity.

Shortly after he was sworn in, President Trump issued an executive order overturning Obama’s executive order an opening the Arctic to exploration and drilling. The enviro-nazis sued and yesterday an Obama-appointed judge in Alaska handed down a surprising, yet unsurprising, decision that because Obama had intended for his ban to last forever, it could not be changed by any other president, but only by act of Congress....

We're not nearly as stupid as you may think, CJ.  Or is it YOU that's a bit stupid?

It's possible, though, that this judge is actually an AOC prototype....

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