Monday, April 15, 2019

Not Only Notre Dame of Paris

Notre Dame cathedral in Paris suddenly burst into flame today.  In all likelihood, it is completely destroyed.  Some people did something, I guess.

But that's not the only Catholic church in France which has been .........ahhh.........*mysteriously*.......damaged lately.

...Roman Catholic churches have increasingly come under attack in France, a country so long identified with Christianity that it used to be called “the eldest daughter of the church.”

A recent fire at St. Sulpice, the second-largest church in Paris, has shed light on a trend that has become commonplace in many smaller towns.

“Who has heard of the sacking of the monastery of Saint Jean des Balmes in Aveyron? Of those teenagers who urinated into the holy water font of the church at Villeneuve de Berg in Ard├Ęche?” the Paris daily Le Figaro asked last week in an article highlighting some of the lesser-known profanations around the country this month....
St Sulpice has a historic pipe organ--and organists.  For 100 years between 1870 and 1970, the organ was played by Charles Widor and Marcel Dupre, both noted organists AND composers.

Just some people doing something, as the Democrat-Muslim Party would note.

We suspect otherwise.....

A fire at St. Sulpice, considered the second biggest church within Paris city limits, has brought to attention other instances of church vandalism which have rocked the French faithful. A prominent newspaper carried an article on this subject, mentioning several other churches which were vandalized, like Aveyron’s Saint Jean des Balmes, and the instance of teenagers urinating into holy water at the Villeneuve de Berg church in Ardeche. French media do not prioritize reports about churches getting vandalized.

Read more at World Religion News: "‘Da Vinci Code’ Church Fire Latest in String of Catholic Church Attacks in France"

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