Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Wisconsin to Christian-Haters: "Nope!"

Wisconsin voters elected a committed Christian, Brian Hagedorn, to the Supreme Court.  In so doing, they defeated Eric Holder's influence and a determined homosexual slander-campaign against him.

The margin was very narrow, about 5,500 votes of 1+ million.  The homosexual/abortion lobbies spent $2 million more than Hagedorn on the race.  Business groups walked away from the Hagedorn campaign because they were intimidated by the homosexual lobby (3% of the population--go figure.)

The slanderous attacks on Hagedorn by the homosex/abortion lobby were enough to move Wisconsin's "Reagan Democrats" to the Hagedorn side of the ballot and are likely another echo of the revulsion at the homosex/abortion attacks on Justice Kavanaugh of last summer.

In other words, the Left has overplayed its hand, just as they are doing nationally.

According to an analysis by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Hagedorn "flipped" North-eastern (Green Bay area) and North-central (Wausau area) districts by more than 10%.  It is not co-incidence that these areas assured Trump of his Wisconsin victory in the Presidential of 2016.

In contrast, over 75% of Dane County votes (Madison area) went to the abortion/homosex candidate, making Dane county the San Francisco of the Midwest.  (Caution is urged when traveling to that area while wearing MAGA hats.)

We note in passing that one megalomaniac talker (hint:  mornings on WISN) is already fake-declining credit for Hagedorn's victory although his "me-me-me" voice doesn't reach either Green Bay or Wausau.  Figures.

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