Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Pp. Francis in Bonkers Mode, Again

Sometimes you wonder what's in this guy's breakfast cereal.

...Speaking in the Vatican to students and faculty from Milan’s San Carlo Institute, the pope exclaimed with voice rising in anger that the reason wars have occurred in Yemen, Syria, and Afghanistan, is because “rich Europe and America sell weapons to kill children and kill people.”

Curiously, the pope’s explicit mention of Europe and the United States does not appear in the official Vatican transcript of Saturday’s address, but it can be heard in the video recording of the event.

“I’m sure you all want peace. And why are there so many wars? For example, in Yemen, in Syria, in Afghanistan. Why? If they didn’t have the weapons, they wouldn’t wage war. So why do they wage war? Because we… rich Europe, America, sells weapons to kill children, to kill people. We’re the ones who make the difference!”...
And traffic deaths happen because rich Europeans, Koreans, Japanese, and Americans manufacture and sell cars.

This is a fellow who needs a long vacation.

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